First established mayonnaise site in Japan

Welcome to Mayomania! First Japanese mayo web site!
I have been making this web site from year 1996.
Enjoy my world's best collection of Mayonnaise, and flash game I made!
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Mayonnaise Collection(2012/03/15)
Let's マヨゲー!
Mayo Game(2012/03/15)

Mayota & Mayopy

マヨ太とマヨぴぃ If your company would like to use Mayota and Mayopy for snack or food products package, please contact me at anytime!! >> Mail

Mayo Diary

2015/09/07 Natto with Mayonnaise, I recommend it if you don’t like Natto
Hi there, this is Sue. Natto is a traditional Japa[...]
2015/05/20 I will be on TV soon
I will be on TV show on 26th May, as Mayomania. Th[...]
2015/05/15 Mayomania Relaunch
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World's best collection of Mayonnaise

World's best collection of Mayonnaise
World's best collection of Mayonnaise

There are various kind of mayonnaise from world that I collected.
Especially Japanese one =)
Yes, I guess Japanese are best mayonnaise lover in the world.

I'd be glad if you'd send me a mayo of your region =D
World's Mayonnaise
Not so many but you can enjoy just looking!

Japanese Mayonnaise
This is the standard mayo in Japan.

Japanese Mayo-taste something
Mayonnaise-taste snack or something like that.

Mayo Game

I'm Mayota!
Japanese style Mayonnaise boy.
I like dancing and traveling.
I'm Mayopy!
Mayonnaise drop dip baby.
I have a great deal of curiosity.

Mayonnaise Game
Mayo Game

There are few games I made by flash. =)
These are almost for child, but you can enjoy even if adult!

I'd be glad if you'd donate some tips just I can buy mayo. =D

Whack a fridge not mole!

Mayopy puzzle
Just a practice for next big puzzle.

Inside fridge puzzle
20 pieces. If you wanna hint, try this one.

Missing Mayopy
Hey! Just you can help Mayopy!!

Old Contents

Mayo With
Mayo with something is so good!

Mayonnaise suggestion

I suggest how to use Mayo with!!!!
Hey, catch up with me!!!!
◎ [1st] Mayo to curry and rice! ◎
Curry and rice with Mayo, how yummy it is!!!
No doubt and try once!
I always use mayo to curry.
◎ [2nd] Mayo to cold noodle! ◎
That's natural!
Cold noodle with mayo,,, ummmm,,, it's crazy yummy!!!!
I don't wanna eat cold noodle without Mayonnaise!
◎ [3rd] Mayo with dressing! ◎
When I eat salada, I use dressing, maybe everyone too.
Why not with Mayo?
It's amazing teste! (espacially cabbage.)
I'm moved every time!
◎ Mayo to Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki! ◎
There are traditional Japanese foods in common people.
If you had a chance to come Japan, never miss it!!
It's getting standard eating with mayo nowadays.
◎ [5th] Mayo to Natto! ◎
Natto is traditional healty Japanese food.
In short, it's a sticky soybeans.
Just mix mayo drop, it takes you to a dream =D
◎ [6th] Mayo to Fried chicken! ◎
What makes fried chicken delicious up!?
It's the Mayo!!!!
Cood and dandy, come on baby!
◎ [7th] Mayo to Sashimi! ◎
When you eat sashimi, felt smelling fishy, why not use mayo with soy source!
Especially salmon, it must be great teste!!!!
◎ [8th] Mayo to Snack! ◎
Why not!!!!
Most of snacks match with mayo!
◎ [9th] Mayo to Cooked Egg! ◎
They go together, nobady can interrupt the brothers!!
I start to envy then.
Ultimate combination!!
◎ [10th] Mayo to Everything! ◎
So now, you are captivated by Mayo, huh?
Let's try to use mayo to various foods!
If you find nice suggestion, tell me! =D