Mayonnaise suggestion


I suggest how to use Mayo with!!!!
Hey, catch up with me!!!!

#1 Mayo to curry and rice!

Curry and rice with Mayo, how yummy it is!!!
No doubt and try once!
I always use mayo to curry.

#2 Mayo to cold noodle!

That’s natural!
Cold noodle with mayo,,, ummmm,,, it’s crazy yummy!!!!
I don’t wanna eat cold noodle without Mayonnaise!

#3 Mayo with dressing!

When I eat salada, I use dressing, maybe everyone too.
Why not with Mayo?
It’s amazing teste! (espacially cabbage.)
I’m moved every time!

#4 Mayo to Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki!

There are traditional Japanese foods in common people.
If you had a chance to come Japan, never miss it!!
It’s getting standard eating with mayo nowadays.

#5 Mayo to Natto!

Natto is traditional healty Japanese food.
In short, it’s a sticky soybeans.
Just mix mayo drop, it takes you to a dream =D

#6 Mayo to Fried chicken!

What makes fried chicken delicious up!?
It’s the Mayo!!!!
Cood and dandy, come on baby!

#7 Mayo to Sashimi!

When you eat sashimi, felt smelling fishy, why not use mayo with soy source!
Especially salmon, it must be great teste!!!!

#8 Mayo to Snack!

Why not!!!!
Most of snacks match with mayo!

#9 Mayo to Cooked Egg!

They go together, nobady can interrupt the brothers!!
I start to envy then.
Ultimate combination!!

#10 Mayo to Everything!

So now, you are captivated by Mayo, huh?
Let’s try to use mayo to various foods!
If you find nice suggestion, tell me! =D